Water can also help keep the aches and growing pains associated with being pregnant at bay, as it helps prevent dehydration—a main contributor to the headaches, cramping and dizziness you may experience during pregnancy. Here's an update from Premium Waters on COVID-19. It’s those nutrient-rich blood cells that ultimately reach your baby. Whether you’re pregnant or not, your body needs water to function properly. It helps your body absorb essential nutrients and transports vitamins, minerals, and hormones to blood cells. Water helps the fetus to grow properly. The Blessed Mom is all about this. We all know drinking water is necessary for pregnant women, let’s have a look at how does staying hydrated benefits us-. Keep reading for the some of the most important benefits of drinking water during pregnancy! (Benefits), 8 Best Pregnancy Pillow Reviews For Support Baby Bump Of 2020, How to Get Pregnant for Twins Naturally Conceiving, 10 Signs and Symptoms of Dehydration During Pregnancy, 5th Month Of Pregnancy: Symptoms, Bodily changes, and Baby Development, Inspirational and Cute Quotes About Pregnancy For New Mother, 6 Skin Changes During Pregnancy And Prevention Tips, 4 Months Of Pregnancy Symptoms: Baby Development, Diet and Care (14-17 Week). The American Pregnancy Association suggests that expectant mothers should drink at least 10 glasses of water each day. She has worked as freelancer for many companies. Constipation can lead to Haemorrhoids. As the baby increases, there is very little space in the stomach causing constipation. Drink water to keep aches and growing pains at bay and to prevent dehydration, which is a main contributor to headaches, cramping, and dizziness. Arpita Dubey is a writer and a research analyst. The benefits of drinking water during pregnancy cannot be substituted with any other thing. Cheers to H2O and a healthy pregnancy! Water helps to dissolve waste and flushes it from the kidneys, keeps your urine diluted, and moves solid waste more speedily down the digestive path, which helps you avert numerous health concerns. To know more, please refer to our. Is all this talk about water making you think about taking another trip to the bathroom? Have a growing baby in your belly? Let’s share this great news with the world by raising a glass of water. Water also helps in keeping your body cool and maintaining your temperature, especially in the hot and humid months. Make sure that you’re drinking from a filtered source to avoid chemicals that could harm a fetus, such as lead, mercury, and arsenic. You are Pregnant. Water intake is essential during pregnancy because it helps in the delivery of essential nutrients to … While you might associate another glass of water with another annoying trip to the bathroom, drinking enough water throughout the day also helps prevent urinary tract infections, which can frequently occur during pregnancy. The concept is to stay hydrated, there are many other ways in which you can keep your body hydrated. How Hydration During Pregnancy Can Benefit You and Your Baby - YouTube. Instead of raising a glass of wine to toast, let’s raise a glass of water (or ten to be exact). 4 Fun Ways to Get Your Kids To Drink More Water, Importance of Staying Hydrated While Sick, 4 Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Help Revitalize You for 2017, You Don’t Have to be an Olympic Athlete to Try These Winter Workouts, Absopure Committed to Growth of Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars Program, The Absopure Model-T Leads the Model-T Brigade at America’s Thanksgiving Parade, The Benefits of Drinking Water During Pregnancy. If ever you feel thirsty, that is the sign of dehydration. ©2020 Premium Waters, Inc. – All Rights Reserved. The benefits of drinking water during pregnancy cannot be substituted with any other thing. In her free time, she likes to read, watch series and dance. Drinking water also helps preserve an adequate level of amniotic fluid and even aids fetal kidney function by facilitating the amount of waste your baby’s kidneys filter. Having a water bottle handy throughout the day will remind you to drink water and challenge you to consume the recommended amount each day. Learn More. If staying hydrated is a struggle for you, get in the habit of bringing a water bottle with you everywhere you go.


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