Revisiting Kelly Slater’s All-Time Soup Bowl Score From “Campaign 2”, Jon Wayne Freeman Takes His Quest for Old Guy Airs to Lower Trestles, New 5-Acre Wave Pool Proposed For West Side of Oahu, Sophie Goldschmidt Steps Down as CEO of WSL, Dylan Graves and Dane Gudauskas Rip a Man-Made Wedge on an Artificial Isle in Nigeria, Wanna Shape Your Own Board? 22 of the best surf movies you can find on You Tube. Welcome to the list of the best surfing films of all time. Subscribe to our free newsletter and stay up-to-date with the latest from ... Brian Keaulana is hoping to bring a surf park to vacant state land in Kalaeloa, Erik Logan, WSL’s President of Content, steps into the revolving CEO door, “Weird Waves” takes us to the most stoke-filled corner of West Africa, Just don’t come complaining to us if you plane a finger off, “Second Thoughts” star recounts some of his most feral surf expeditions, Not surprisingly, 8 out of December’s top-10 rides went down at Pipeline and Jaws, Flipping back to one of our favorite pages of Waimea Bay history, The hard-charger on the gear that’ll help you make the most of your time on the rock, Suffers a fractured skull, but is expected to make a full recovery, In "The Ultra-Core Surf Hour", Jon Wayne Freeman is the hero we need, Not another Instagram carousel, this is the crème de la crème from our year in print, The hard-charging hellman dances with one of Oz’s heaviest slabs. SURFER Awards 2017: Best Documentary Nominees Telling the stories that matter . These are the best surfing documentaries. Whether you like her or don’t like her, her story is so much more disturbing and interesting than you think. Photo Credit: screenshot. All rights reserved. SURFER has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. This documentary was released in mid September 2020 and quickly was a favorite from her loyal supporters and new fans. In what has to be one of the most controversial (but best) surf documentaries ever made, Sea of Darkness is not without its conspiracies. Who do you think deserves the vote? By signing up you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Is This The Best Jaws Barrel Ever Ridden? More than 1,000 surf flicks have been released since the 1950s, the decade when surfing and cinema met on the sunny shores of California. The 5 Most Influential Airs of the Decade, The 5 Most Pivotal Moments of the Decade in Big-Wave Surfing, Kerby Brown Defies Death at This Demented-Looking Left. 1. Can This Unsponsored, Middle-Aged Man Save Surfing? Was This One of the Best Days Ever Seen at a California Beach Break? The first surf film shot in 4k, and a testament to the sheer athleticism of arguably the best surfer on the planet right now, View From a Blue Moon is a mo Poised at the intersection of history, filmmaking, and storytelling is the documentary, and 2017 was a year full of impressive surf titles in … SURFER’s Newsletter to receive stories like this straight to your inbox. And so it was no surprise that when I spotted a surf movie on my flight back to the EU, my headphones were on my head before we'd even taken off. Here’s What You Need, How Searching For Surf in Indonesia Nearly Cost Travis Potter His Life, Terrifying Jaws Tubes Top Clips of the Month for December 2019, Revisiting Bruce Irons' 100-Point Ride from the 2004 Eddie Invitational, What to Pack for the North Shore, According to Nathan Florence, Big-Wave Charger Kohl Christensen Hospitalized After Brutal Pipeline Wipeout. Poised at the intersection of history, filmmaking, and storytelling is the documentary, and 2017 was a year full of impressive surf titles in the genre. From a hi-def account of big-wave surfing’s history, to chasing waves in Iceland, to the life of Laird Hamilton, this year’s documentaries — along with the filmmakers who shaped them — give us the facts in ways that are pure theatre. Related . Whiteclaw Paumaui Honolulu GMC Guayaki Yerba Mate turtlebayresort 10barrel SURFER. Thank you for signing up. Films and documentaries have brought surfing to even the most landlocked audiences. Give us your thoughts in the comments section. Enjoy the Gift of the Year’s Best Free Surf Flicks At least as entertaining as the yule log channel. Subscribe to SURFER’s Newsletter to receive stories like this straight to your inbox. "It's kind of a shit show, to be honest with you, but I'm excited. December 23, 2019 By SURFER Social icon website Social icon rss Social icon twitter. Billy Kemper is calling this cavernous monster the wave of his life, The latest escalation in the decades-old dispute over access to the exclusive coast, Channel Islands, …Lost and Firewire now offer mid-length models for mass consumption, Revisiting the mythical MLK Day swell from 7 years ago today, Slater’s ridiculous session in Barbados might never be topped. Instagram Facebook Twitter Youtube TikTok. Surfing has long been a pastime and part of the culture in beach communities. Copyright © A360 Media LLC 2020. Well the PNS season is almost upon us and for those of you who require any additional psyche up (we are already far too excited), here is a list of our favorite surf movies available on You Tube. 30 Of The Best YouTube Documentaries You Can Watch Now! Instagram Facebook Twitter Youtube. Featuring Craig … Surfing 6 surf videos you need to watch. November 6, 2017 By Davis Jones Social icon rss. Take a look at the 2017 SURFER Awards Best Documentary nominees below before the winner is revealed on December 6th. I quite liked Helen Hunt's interpretation of the sport (and I loved all her falls in the movie because it didn't make my sprained toe and constellation of bruises on my legs look so bad) but it made me hungry to find the best surf movies of all time. Subscribe to SURFER Magazine. Hollister Ranch Sues State Over New Public Access Law. This documentary is a meticulous account of that violent and terrifying winter of '75/'76. This Is Paris: The Real Story of Paris Hilton. Surf movies are a sub-genre of sports and travel films. From the late 1950's and to today, surf films remain popular, covering both the sport and culture of surfing. Your information has been successfully processed!


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