Legacy EDH Recommendations and strategy content for Magic: the Gathering Commander , 4x Collected Company gives you card advantage and selection. Though the ability doesn't stack and it does nothing to increase the power of our army, so this guy is relegated to 3x. It is available worldwide in English. All 1-2 CMC Slivers with Aggro , 4x 3x Whenever a Sliver deals combat damage to a player, its controller may put a 1/1 colorless Sliver creature token onto the battlefield. This will require TappedOut.js included in your blog. These are your big guns. I would consider playing only 1 basic land and adding an extra Mutavault. I love criticism, so if you have any please make it constructive and help me make this deck as good as possible! With 12 Slivers that give +1/+1, this becomes the ultimate Lord deck! Other people can view your private deck by using this url, Awesome Decks from online, Liked Decks, Other peolpes decks, Awesome Decks, Decks, Sliver Deck 1, Slilver, colorless, Decks to improve on, Favorites, SLIVER, DECKS, Sliver Deck, sliver, mb , Lookers, Decks I'd Like to Play, sliver, cool decks, Favorites, Slivers, Decks to try, legacy decks, Decks I Have Some Cards For, Future deck ideas, Decks!, Test Against, To test, Things I like, Sliver deck, Other Decks, Sliver, Sliver, decks 2, Favorites, Don't forget these things, sliver, Awesome decks, Slivers, Decks i want, Sliver Legacy Decks Made By Others, Main, Slivers, Decks, Modern, 5 Color, Sliver deck, peoples decks, Play testers, tribal, look at this sliver deck, Legacy, New Deck Ideas, Random, Legacy, Nice Decks, Decks I Need to Build, Decks, decks I like, Favorites, Regular, Decks i like, 5 color 60, legacy decks, Competitive , DECKs, Try, Sliver, Slivers, aggro sliver, Nasty Hobbit Trickses, fun, B Want to build, Likes, For later, Legacy, 123, decks i want, Decks to make, deck list, Slivers, slivers, Fun, 5star, Ideas, Competitive Slivers, Not mine but awesome decks, Cool decks, Slivers, slivers, want that, deck., +1, Aggro, Sliver Compilation, Decks i want to make, slivershit, Decks to Build, Other decks, Multicolor, Other decks, To check, Watchlist, New decks, Decks, Slivers, Tribal, Sliver deck ideas, Deck ideas?, ., Rival, Sliver top, Possible Orders, must have, Decks I want, Tribal Wars, Me Likes, Best shit, legacy, Later, Cool, Slivers, Legacy, tribal decks, Others, Decks, possible decks, Multicolor, Slivers, Decks, Stuff, Deck Ideas, Hmmm maybe?, Legacy stuff i like, Favs, Fractius, cool decks, Favorites, build list, cool decks, interesting, Legacy, Saved cool decks, bodacious decks, Aggro Decks, Legacy Decks, Tribal Decks, legacy decks, Tribal (Modern/Standard), to build one day..., Fun Decks, Slivers, Ideas, sliver, SLIVERS, Decks im interested in, Things to try, Potentially sick decks, Cool, sliver, Sliver Decks, legacy slivers, Decks to make, Sliver decks, Tester, Great Decks, Decks, Maybe, Deck Ideas, slivers, Other Users' Decks, Sample, Modern, Sliver, Interesting, Slivers, Legacy, Favs, Decks I want to build, Ty, born of the gods, Slightly more expensive deck try, slivers, Decks, Tribal Decks Slivers, Five, Deck Ideas, Too much for my wallet, sliver legacy, Fun, Slivers, Decks, 60 card stranger, Decks to check out, Pre-Con, Decks to Build /maybe/, Favs, Sliver, Uncategorized, Uncategorized, Potential Five Colors, Me Gusta, Competitive ideas, Tribal, To Build, Decks I wanna Try, aggro, Decks, Examples, Decided Deck Idas 60 Cards, Liked Decks, Decks, Great decks, furture, Cool decks, Revamp decks, Decks to Buy, Favorites From Others, Deck Ideas, Inspiration, Decks, Slivers, Decks I Like, Favs, Slivers.


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