After a few years of wear the scent is consistant familiar and long lasting. This is fresh, clean, aquatic, natural smelling and pleasantly green! Smells great, for about 10 minutes. With other colognes/perfumes, I would have to re-apply throughout the day, but with this one, I start off my day with a few sprays, and by the end of my day, I can still smell it. Was expecting more from this one then again it is reformulated. For me this is the father of Invictus aqua, but so much better. Could be I had such low expectations going in...but I am extremely pleased with this purchase. Really reasonable nautica sell this one for such a cheap price for 100ml! They're safe for any daytime occasion, and they don't project very far. Cheap, nasty. If you can get it for cheap (10-15 bucks) get it, you can use it as a room fresher or something if you don't like it like i was doing haha. Top Notes Green leaves, Apple; Heart Notes Mimosa, Lotus, Marine notes; Base notes Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Musk, Amber; Reviews of Voyage. Smells very good and can tell it will be great for warmer months. It has a futuristic aquatic avante-garde sort of vibe due to the lack of citrus; I feel it wouldn't be out of place in Blade Runner or especially Waterworld. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. It defiantly stands out amongst other boring generic aquatics, and it is leagues better then the wretched Davidoff cool water which is the other popular aquatic. I have a different on my skin. . opening is very clever with a touch of aqua spicy aromatic note. This cost me £15 and I have niche fragrances that cost hundreds.. yet none of them come close to getting the reception this does. This is in the category of what I call "Dad Colognes." So good! That’s damn impressive. Firstly, I have tried out many different colognes and have a wide rang of summer, and winter scents. You can count on this reputable brand. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Perfect for hot days and gym. This is a fine aquatic fragrance, it just doesn't last. Perfect for the sunny day. In other words, Nautica Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 oz. This fragrance is proof that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to smell good. Like I said, absolute classic summer cheapie. My dumb reach for hot weather over many expensive designer scents. Very synthetic, ozonic, overall headache-inducing. Go to the nautica fitting room in the herald square Macy’s and you will want this cologne. Don't expect something so special which Nautica Voyage isn't. I love beach + nautica voyage. This balance of sharp yet musky accents makes for a finely balanced blend. Given Nautica’s stellar reputation, it should come as no surprise that this fragrance is long-lasting. Among the gazillion citrus-aquatics for men on the market, Nautica Voyage gets it right. Now, is it necessarily desirable to smell like a boat? READ ALSO: 25 Best Skincare Online Stores. In short, it’s an all-rounder. Not because it's the best thing your ever gonna smell/own but because it's dumb reach during the summer. I find this in the same performance categories as TB colognes: slightly below EDT but great for the money. It has top notes of peach, pineapple, and bergamot, complemented by smoother base notes of sandalwood, musk, and cedar. I would recommend this to anyone that is is looking for a budget scent that will blow minds and make peoples heads turn. That's not true here. Christian Dior Oud Ispahan: an EDP Review. I can't remember the last time I was this repulsed by a fragrance. Had lot of expectations but disappointed. It is super fresh and crisp and the opener almost comes off like fresh cucumber to me. (Probably to clean up the spilled perfume when they emptied some of it.). Very shower gel smelling which means women like it but I find it boring. All-day use and spring/summer mostly. It’s just a great cheapie that is suitable for pretty much any occasion you need it to be. . Hard to go wrong with this one and a great place to start a collection. This apple note is so synthetic it gives me an headache. If you are looking for a cheap beast for the summer time nautica voyage is the best option. But after trying it out for myself, I couldn't be any happier. Kind on synthetic and sharp in the opening. Some of my friends love this one, they get plenty of compliments on it, i would say way more than what i get by trying to wear a little better quality and overall sophisticated smell. I wanted to add more to his fragrance collection which he is just starting. Right now I can’t really stand it. Inoffensive, soft, clean, and not terribly adventurous. It smells so clean and green. This is a very safe fragrances. Voyage is a masculine fragrance by Nautica. It's salty and dry and when the smell of mimosa comes and mixes with all that, it's heaven. Its a scent that i cant really think of anything bad to say about it really. I think it's a must have for any collection. Please make sure that you've entered a valid question. If you can ship it to me, you can ship it back. for Men. Pleasant smell but the weakest performance, based on 2 full sprays on forearm, you can imagine. The performance sucks. My response to every negative review - it costs $20. I am underwhelmed by this cologne. NV is just right for 80F/27C weather when you want that fresh out of the shower scent. Nautica Voyage is the definition of the safest cologne on earth, literally EVERYONE will like it. Nautica Voyage is a fresh and salty sea breeze,that carries romantic scents of coastal herbs and woods, and awakes the man's instinct to measure his power with wild nature. Nautica is an established brand with nothing to prove. Very fresh and clean and the ladies love it. Unfortunately, there are plenty of fakes on the market to beware of. Honestly, I wish there was an air freshener version of this fragrance. It is a straight-forward scent so don't expect much 'depth' or 'sophistication' from this cheapie. The show of scent between the Sicilian Lemon and the water of a lot lake is a wonderful orient. Okay, I caved into the hype, I am guilty. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Spray better on arms or chest or can be an headcache inducer. the perfect signature scent. If you want something more versatile and light, Voyage is likely better for you. When I got home I threw away the bottle. This is a nice fresh fragrance to have. The biggest question on your mind is probably, “What does Nautica Voyage cologne smell like?” We’d tell you it’s like a sea breeze on your face, but that would simplify this complex cologne a tad much. Just like a cool ocean breeze on a mild day. Enough uniqueness to set it apart from the other summer aquatic freshies. Will not repurchase. It's a complement getter for sure. The smell does wear off fast, but you get what you pay for thats for sure. But you can’t deny it doesn’t smell great. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Maurice Roucel. @iris.prado where did you get it with the metal cap for $17 please. too synthetic, notes are confused, salty mimosa chemical... longevity is good but it's not so pleasing.. it is good only for beach.. can induce an headache. A fresh, salty, marine and fruity perfume. Fresh and salty! It performs great. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Now, you’ll be well equipped with basic information to determine whether this fragrance is for you. I have, however ordered ordered Eau De Rochas today, just to try it out and passed on the opportunity to re-stock on NV. Nautica is giving this fragrance away at current prices. Here in the states a 100ml bottle can be had for less than $20 and definitely smells better than what you pay for. Wore it today and was drenched in my own sweat after a six mile hike but this stuff sticks around and blossoms in the humidity. Recommended. Fresh summer aquatic fragrance. Some rain has filled it to the top and it's had a chance to thoroughly rot. How can you be sure your Nautica cologne is the real deal? Copyrights © 2006-2020 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. And yes, it is true, for some strange reason women love this scent. This juice is quality, one of the best aquatics out there and one of the very few that has great longevity. Not leathery or musky or dark or funky. It's by far the best bang for buck. Dries down to something passable, but I regret wearing it every single time I spray it on. Definitely a cologne that will be good for giving as a gift. . This starts off with an absolutely wonderful scent of green apple and watery, aquatic greenery. Later settles down into the floral notes. I know in the past people were complaining about reformulation killing this fragrance, but I disagree! This was recommended to me as outstanding value for money. I ended up having to use 8-10 sprays to even get the aroma. The fact that there are so many far superior cheap frags out there blows my mind that this even sells. Cannot say anything bad about it! This page works best with JavaScript. Ideally my undershirts. It's a pleasant smell, but I think Tommy Bahama St. Kitts is a better Summer cheapie, IMO. It's cheap, smells amazing, so inoffensive. Everyone like it but not me. It's hard not to love this. This is a great "dumb reach" for any occasion and makes a great gift for any guy. notes, but the key here is that each component is well calibrated, and restrained by the others. Smells like fresh cut cucumbers and a bit of salt and soap bubbles. Initially when you spray it you get like a tart green apple. Get you some! I did not see what the hype was. Occasion wise this is definitely not a formal scent but would fit extremely well with shorts and a tee shirt or even business casual attire for the office. Like everyone has said: Classic "ozonic" aquatic, which I really enjoy. No complaints. So now you’re wondering: Which is better Nautica Blue or Voyage? The result is well crafted and balanced but ultimately you can sense how frugally it was made. At last! I guess this can please everybody easily. Hard pass. Fresh from the beginning to the end. Just do one spray on your neck, one front of shirt and one back. There is nothing wrong in wanting to go all out to look good. It’s 5:30pm as I type this and it’s still going strong from its 7:30am application. I really didn't like it in the beginning but it grew on me. Smells great, inoffensive, average longevity, women like it, and it's checks all the boxes. I would much rather wear Nautica Blue instead of this. It is an aquatic cologne. Fantastic value for the money. @markmark74 I bought it on that is where I get most of my fragrances. Smells good but has a very sharp/sugary smell. Spring Step Shoes Review – An Online Store Selling Men &... Spartoo Review (An e-Commerce Store Selling Shoes, bags and clothes).


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