Covered in fine hairs, they are insulated from the desert heat; sparse, longer setae act as sensors which help find prey by touch. Carefully inspect objects you bring indoors from outside. in wet pitfalls, the collection of the Zoology Department of Brigham Young The pattern on their abdomen is similar to that of the Western Spotted Orb Weaver, but their diminutive size, and distinct nest/web building are quite different from their much larger cousins.

post spiracular sternite extending less than half the length of the stating that the 'type' of E. mormonus in the collection of MNHN is Normally, the spider is not aggressive towards man, and it only bites when it feels that it is under threat. ), 7 ♂, 18 Given their frenetic lifestyle, solpugids are not recommended as pets.
They may come into the home seeking darkness, as the sun spider heavily dislikes sunlight. Quite lovely! Male holotype from Colonia Garcia,

pine-juniper and alpine meadows, and that the Arizona specimens are darker Please check back for updated information). Male measurements (6) (from San Luis Valley, Colorado): There is no cause for alarm, but you may wish to usher the arachnid into a container and take it back outdoors. REMARKS: If the type of E. toltecus (Pocock) is ever
(2006) An annotated checklist of continental North American Solifugae with type depositories, abundance, and notes on their zoogeography. Fish for rainbow trout and largemouth bass, and enjoy sandy beaches, swim, boat, and waterski at Steinaker Reservoir. Western Black Widow (Latrodectus hesperus), Funnel Weaver/Grass Spiders (Family Agelenidae), American Dog Tick (Wood Tick) (Dermacentor variabilis). The common name for this harmless orb weaver comes from the two pronounced bumps at the top of its abdomen. Intimidating as they may be in appearance and behavior, they are, thankfully, basically harmless to people and pets. Sun Spider Scientific Name: Solifugae. necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation. 2 Changed by winds, these mountains and hills of sand can move as much as 50 feet... From the prominence of Dead Horse Point, 2,000 feet above a gooseneck in the Colorado River, an ever changing landscape ... Windsurf, boat, and fish on the cool waters of Deer Creek Reservoir. Females: Coloration as in males, chelicera typical of species; MF

37); 80. RECORds: UNITED STATES: At least three species make it into southern Canada, in southeast British Columbia, southern Alberta, and extreme southern Saskatchewan. with the holotype appear to be E. mormonus, as do two males and a


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