The bonds contain a provision that permits banks to deduct 80% of the interest cost being paid to depositors on the funds used to purchase the bonds. Which of the following statements is TRUE concerning a customer who purchases an out-of-state original issue discount (OID) general obligation bond? STC is great for every other FINRA exam in our experience. I took test 12 for the first time and got a 60. Roundville Bank is considering an investment in Roundville County bonds. Long-term certificates of deposit (CDs) have which of the following characteristics? Relating to a municipal bond swap, which of the following would NOT be a consideration? They may be sold prior to maturity at a price that is different from the client's original cost. The Dow Theory states that a major trend is confirmed when which of the following indicators reach new highs or lows? Im scoring mostly in the low to mid 70s. They can be used to obtain automatic execution. Post reply . Accrued interest on new municipal bonds is calculated from the: A municipal dealer purchased $100,000 face value of 6.00% bonds at a 6.00 basis. If you scored in the 80's on their indicator than you will score +/- 3% from that score on the actual. 12 Replies Jump to last post. ? A 1/2 point dealer's concession in a municipal bond equals: A collateralized debt obligation (CDO) is BEST defined as a type of: Someone who wants to hedge a portfolio of preferred stocks will buy: List the order of priorities that you would follow when opening an options account for a customer: 1. The RR should: Submit one order for a net debit of $3000, In easy money periods, bonds of similar quality generally will have, 1. short term yields lower than long term yields. An individual purchased a 10-year municipal bond at a cost of $1,050. Then go on to the next test. Passed the real deal with an 82 and finished in 3 hours. A municipal securities representative does an analysis of an official statement and prepares a summary report. If convertible bondholders convert their bonds into the common stock of a corporation, the effect on the balance sheet of the corporation will be: Which of the following choices BEST describes Eurodollars? An investor who wants a tax-free return but does not want a high risk of principal should invest in which TWO of the following? A. And ive only failed two tests with scores of 67 and 69. and No…you’re not ready. The market price of which of the following types of stock is most affected by swings in the interest-rate cycle? Since 50 to 60 of the questions are options, it will take you 15 seconds on each option question. A level debt service bond issue is one in which: A. The B/D is required to deliver prospectuses: Which of these securities are BEST described as collateralized loans? Doesnt make sense, Yeah Man. A provision of the indenture allows the agency to request funds from the state legislature. It provides a return based on the performance of a stock market index. Log in or Register to post new content in the forum. Also am i ready for the 7? I Passed my Series 7 yesterday and I thought it would be helpful to share my experience in efforts to shed light on this exam. 4:00 PM Eastern Time on the expiration date. The purchaser of a variable life insurance policy bears which of the following risk? C. The state increased the toll for the use of the turnpike. Just wanted to know if this is normal. This means: A. A municipal dealer gives another dealer a firm quote of par for a block of municipal bonds. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The policy may have no cash value if the separate account performance is negative. Are you talking about the registered rep test? These securities are known as: Which of the following municipal entities would NOT issue overlapping debt? An investor purchased bonds from the issuer with a Thursday, January 31 settlement date. Why put yourself thru all that only to fail. If, through legislative approval, the state pays interest and principal in a timely manner, the issue is MOST LIKELY: A state agency revenue bond does not have sufficient revenue to meet debt service. An investor is expecting a sharp decline in interest rates in the near future. I skipped over to STC tests 10-13 and scored 60's also. In a rights offering, an underwriter offers to purchase all the shares the issuing corporation may not be able to sell. When pricing a bond in the secondary market, what information is NOT required? I don't think I scored above a 73 on the "average" tests and was actually doing slightly better on the "difficult" tests. series 7 final STC exams study guide by haybub includes 149 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. We have seen students use STC and pass, however we have heard many more stories of students using STC's practice questions and scoring in the 80%+ range and failing than we have for those using Kaplan's practice questions. The tax treatment of a business development company is similar to which TWO of the following securities? Exam 1 being the easiest and exam 13 being the hardest. The Study Guide contains charts, graphs and practice questions, as well as a glossary of key terms. The Daily Bond Buyer's 30 day visible supply includes: Which of the following retirement plans is designed to proved employees with a fixed amount of funds at retirement? Which of the following issues will most likely have a mandatory sinking fund? The federal tax exemption for interest earned on an industrial revenue bond is NOT available if the: A. Employees are permitted to make contributions to the account. Which of the following is LEAST beneficial for the customer? If the dealer reoffered the bonds, which TWO of the following choices will be considered reasonable? When a member firm issues a research report, it must be approved by: An investor purchasing a reverse convertible security would be MOST interested in: The bonds included in the 11-Bond index have an average rating of: Money received by a corporation when it sells its stock above its par value is called: List from first to last the order of payments if a limited partnership declares bankruptcy. AN estimate of the prices of 40 long-term municipal bonds adjusted to a 6% coupon. I see people have had … The 2040 maturity is a 6.00% bond offered at a 6.75 basis. Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding a defined contribution plan? Good luck. Which TWO of the following statements are TRUE regarding brokered CDs sold by registered representatives? Revealed: Why COVID-19 kills some patients but not others, Disney CEO 'extremely disappointed' in Calif. leaders, Yang dismayed by Asian American reaction to Trump, Senator's 'tone deaf' tweet on Lakers, Dodgers slammed, Strategist warns of big Dow drop in event of lockdown, 'Crazy train': GOP lawmaker rips Trump's fraud claims, Tom Brady loses jet skis in Tropical Storm Eta, CDC outlines which masks are most effective, A close look at Trump campaign election lawsuits, Former 'DWTS' pro felt lost after Seacrest breakup, 'Nothing abnormal' about huge gator, experts say. Which of the following statements about municipal revenue bonds is NOT TRUE? Under Reg T, which of the following securities is NOT marginable? Which of the following advantages is NOT a benefit of owning a REIT? If the bond is sold six years later, what will be its cost basis? Which of the following items is NOT found by reviewing a company's balance sheet? Its no surprise you're getting 60's on practice exam 8 and up. I studied from the STC book and took their chapter tests, but I took the Grieco practice final exams. Treasury arbitrage restrictions generally prohibit issuers of municipal securities from: Investing bond proceeds in higher-yielding Treasury securities. Each employee has a separate account within the plan, Only the common stocks listed on the NYSE. A municipal bond backed by the full faith and credit of a state or city is called a(n): Industrial development revenue bonds are backed by: According to MSRB rules, which of the following statements is TRUE regarding a secondary market joint account? The bonds maturing in 2030 and thereafter are callable beginning in 2028 @ 102, at 101 in 2029, and at par on any interest date after 2029. The maturity of the bond is 20 years. An individual's home has a resale value of $500,000 and an assessed value of $200,000. I studied from the STC book and took their chapter tests, but I took the Grieco practice final exams. Which of the following statements is TRUE? Which TWO of the following events may be reasons for a revenue bond issue to be called? The bond is called at its par value in 5 years. Switch to … The insurance carrier will provide: Which of the following is true regarding reverse convertible securities? Which is true in accelerated depreciation? STC's tests are too detailed and are way too much than needed. Dealer A may recall Dealer B within the one-hour period and demand a decision of Dealer B in five minutes. Doesnt make sense. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The legislature has the option of providing or not providing the additional funds. Make sure that outstanding shares do not exceed authorized shares. B. Stick to one and maybe use some extra tests from the other. The FOMC buys and sells which of the following securities most often to accomplish its aims? Which two of the following statements are true regarding the design of this website? Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE of industrial development revenue bonds? I took the Series 7 on 08/10 and I used the STC to prepare. Municipal serial bonds are priced on the basis of: If a cash dividend is paid, how does it affect a margin account? Send the customer an Options Clearing Corporation risk disclosure document. I'll cut to the chase, its a BEAR no pun intended. The second 125 section will have a bunch of question in the middle that require you to think a little, but are not that tricky or as detailed as STC tests 10-13. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Dow Jones Transportation Average. A bond with an 11% coupon is purchased at 103. I took test 12 for the first time and got a 60. The term all-or-none, in trading municipal bonds, applies to: A double-barreled municipal bond is backed by the: C. Revenues of a project and taxes of a municipality. Start studying STC Series 7 Chapter 7 Chapter Exam Questions. Which TWO of the following statements are TRUE concerning a company that becomes delisted from the NYSE or Nasdaq? Each year the customer will pay only federal income tax. Which investment company does NOT charge a management fee? I'd also advise taking the 5 day class with Dearborne, have friend who took an STC class and his teacher told him test 12 & 13 are much more difficult than the zctual test. The bonds are backed by: C. The corporation that leases the facility.


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