The directional nature of the antenna allows users to locate their beacon based on the volume of pulses coming from the receiver. However, this is frequently turning out not to be the case. - Reception : Double super heterodyne with PLL synthesizer. The Xeos Technologies DirectionFinder combines an R-1000 Telemetry receiver and a directional Yagi antenna into a single handheld unit for locating VHF emitting beacons, such as the XMB. It is not only a matter of AIS failures due to technical deficiencies, but also of verifying the bearing of a particular ship or locating it at the moment when a VHF transmission is received by the VTS operations room. Ship-to-shore radiotelephony takes place in what is known as the lower maritime waveband, i.e. The 4-element Adcock A6243H4 antenna for civil aviation and maritime VHF radio was designed with special attention given to lightning protection and to installation on light masts in an environment that has a high salt content. AIS, on the other hand, continuously provides the positions of AIS-equipped objects within its reception range. Any residual errors are to be kept stable, so that they can be easily compensated for by computer at the receiver. Also located in this upper frequency range is AIS in which a very large number of automatic signals from countless directions are coordinated, and is therefore unsuitable for radio direction finding. This means that, in addition to the maritime frequencies, other frequencies can be selected in the civil aviation waveband between 118 and 137 MHz and the military emergency aviation frequency of 243 MHz. long availability and minimal maintenance requirements. When finding a transmitter for location purposes, it is important to use an antenna that permits good all-round reception. Web Design by Roddis Communications. The directional nature of the antenna allows users to locate their beacon based on the volume of pulses coming from the receiver. - 100 sets of channel with type of station can be memorised. - Frequency range. VHF Radio Direction Finder Copperchase offer a unique and innovative VDF solution for aviation applications through the use of both COTS products and equipment designed specifically for DF applications in an ATC environment. The DirectionFinder comes with the following components: We'll be happy to help you with any questions you may have, Please contact us today! © 2020 Xeos Technologies Inc. All rights reserved. With both systems, any confusion, or even the very presence of a ship can only be resolved or confirmed – provided that the vessel has a VHF transmitter – in the course of the verbal exchange of information via VHF, best of all with the aid of a radio direction finder. The XMB will emit a 1 to 4 second pulse at the selected frequency when it has surfaced. The shape of the coastline and the topography of the hinterland play a role here, as does the presence of conducting obstacles e.g. The radio direction finder offers additional assistance when putting pilots aboard via helicopter. - Scan (100 channels) reception is available. For the direction finding or location of vessels under way, the location of one or more radio direction finding stations in relation to one another and to the primary direction of shipping movements also plays a crucial role. - International VHF band (for spot reception) Once the user is within range to pick up the signal on the direction finder, the relative volume of the pulse is used to pin-point the direction of the beacon. As radiotelephony transmission is only of interest in the ship-to-shore direction for radio direction finding, and the reception of independent local transmitters reduces sensitivity, the so-called upper maritime frequency range is filtered out. in the frequency range between 156 and 157.5 MHz. The Xeos Technologies DirectionFinder combines an R-1000 Telemetry receiver and a directional Yagi antenna into a single handheld unit for locating VHF emitting beacons, such as the XMB. In this case the helicopter can be guided with the aid of a land-based VHF direction finder to the ship lying in the roads, which is of great assistance particularly in poor visibility.In a VTS area, radar provides an overview of the objects located within the VTS area. Terms + Conditions   Operation of modern radio direction finding systems is based on the concept of a server-client architecture and WinDF software, which makes integration into a service provider’s VTS console fundamentally easier and means that multiple operations, data and audio can be carried out from various points. When, in 2002, the International Conference on Maritime Security concluded with the implementation of Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), it seemed as though the combination of GPS and AIS would offer total reliability for the assignment of a ship’s position in a VTS area. Prior to deployment, the XMB is programmed to emit a pulse on one of four selectable frequencies between 154.585 MHz and 160.785 MHz. antennas, bridges or silos etc. All contents © copyright Maritime Information Services Ltd. All rights reserved. The choice of the location of the antennas is also extraordinarily important.


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