But, how many of those people already have a boyfriend or girlfriend? The problem is that all the girls that we see as desireable are taken. Share your favorite tips, ask for advice, and encourage others about anything dating. Why the skew, you might ask? Question: In general, what is the key difference between someone you are 'close to' and someone you are 'with' or 'dating'? Now before you start blabbing about "that shouldn't matter, people should look beyond the surface", let me tell you that I agree with you one hundred percent. I know because all of these girls are people I actually got to know, or already knew through mutual friends, and I see them and their BF in pics on social media or I actually meet him in person. Just my experience but when I met my now fiance I was in a ltr - but when I met my fiance I knew "if there is even a girl LIKE her out there, I should not be in the relationship I am in now" I broke up with ltr, and went for it...there was nothing wrong with my ltr, she's a great person, and I would never compare the two but my fiance and I are just way more compatible! That is what men want, that is what they go after. Good. It's depressing. This isn't your fault, this isn't my fault, but it is just the way it works. Well the older men are still going after the younger ones, just like before. That leaves us with 736 women and 880 men. Every girl on this planet does not have a boyfriend. They come in different shapes, sizes, volumes, densities. Why does it turn girls off so much when a guy is desperate, needy, and trying too hard to get a girlfriend? Everything2 ™ is brought to you by Everything2 Media, LLC. People are great. Now lets add another number. It will leave her thinking about you, and give her all the power in initiating things! Now remember the 684 of them that are paired off somehow? If you're having problems meeting single girls, try approaching women as people, rather than as ornaments or sexual conquests. Give compliments. Cast a wider net and don't overestimate the opportunities that come from being friends with someone who already has a boyfriend. We are going to look at 20-24 year olds, because I am twenty four, and all the girls I am interested in fall into that range as well. So we have 316 women left for our 414 men to fight over. Those numbers don't sound too terribly bad, but they still don't look that great for the males. That's probably why I feel like it's going well - they have no reason to brush me off because they know I'll never get anywhere. There is something right with being friends with girls that are already in a relationship do open up to you circle of friends and become a positive person you already said the rest thank you . Figure who you are first and the ask the same question this evening I encourage you to do what I do and smile just for today because you seem negative to me today am I right? Due, perhaps, to the influence of the aforementioned mags, physical beauty has had a bad rap in the past while. His friend flirted his ass off and it was a huge turn off for me. She seemed interested and very engaged in conversation, and was giving all the usual "signs". Cookies help us deliver our Services. And when a girl says "I have a boyfriend" (or "that's my husband" while sitting on your lap ) it's the perfect opportunity. What you actually end up with is 414 men fighting over the one hundred most desirable females. While 27.4 percent of 20-24 year old females are married. Remember that 1000 women we started with? But unfortunately a lot of the most "desirable" women are already taken, while a large percentage of the "undesirable" women remain.


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